Program News

New Programs

To meet the demand for new bilingual program options, we have launched four new programs in recent years. Find more details and updates about new programs on our website.

Bachelor of Arts, Communications

Glendon is delighted to announce a brand new bilingual Bachelor of Arts in Communications program geared towards French-language speakers and graduates of immersion programs starting in fall 2017. This program helps respond to the growing need for bilingual communications professionals.

iBA Glendon - BBA EMLyon Dual Degree Program

Glendon is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new dual degree iBA/BBA program starting in fall 2017. Students will spend their first 2 years at Glendon in the International Bachelor of Arts (iBA) in International Studies program and their third and fourth years will be spent at the prestigious EMLyon Business School (Saint-Étienne campus) studying in the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). Students will earn an iBA from Glendon, York University and a BBA from EMLyon upon graduation, in just 4 years.  

Bachelor of Science, Psychology

The new Bachelor of Science in Psychology, launched in 2016, builds on Glendon's existing Bachelor of Arts program, noted for its academic rigour, local and international internship opportunities, and personalized attention from professors. Students can explore a wide variety of topics including neurospychology, crime and the justice system, perception, psychological injury and law, prejudice, and aging with experts in those fields.

Bachelor of Science, Biology

Also launched in 2016, Glendon's BSc in Biology offers course options in both English and/or French. This program is a great option if you’re interested in exploring the major topics in biology with an emphasis on conservation biology, ecology and animal behaviour. Our small campus and personalized approach to teaching and learning go a long way to supporting your success. 

Program Changes


Glendon's School of Translation is excited to announce that the Translation program is now offered as a direct-entry option starting in fall 2017. Students can apply to Translation directly from high school and will need to complete a translation exam after their first year in the program. The program is offered as a BA or iBA bilingual or trilingual degree and has streams in French to English and English to French. In addition, optional certificates allow you to leverage your degree in Translation such as a Certificate in Professional and Technical Communication.

Applicants must have completed 4U French (FRA4U, FIF4U, or FEF4U) and 4U English (ENG4U or EAE4U), or the equivalent, for admission.