Program News

New Programs

Entrepreneurship Minor

As a university with strong entrepreneurial spirit and connections, Waterloo is excited to offer a new Minor in Entrepreneurship (an option is available to Engineering students). The minor/option is designed to give you the business skills and domain-specific knowledge needed to pursue your entrepreneurial ambitions. Students will be able to apply what they learn in lectures to their own venture or entrepreneurial project.

Architectural Engineering

Combine engineering expertise with architectural savvy to boost the energy efficiency, durability, and sustainability of buildings. In Waterloo’s newest engineering program, you’ll learn how to design, renovate, and retrofit flexible buildings that adapt to different needs.See Program section for details.



Admissions Updates

  • The Admission Information Form (AIF) is now required for admission in all Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Mathematics programs.
  • The Geography and Aviation program and the Science and Aviation program now require English (ENG4U – minimum 70%).
  • All Faculty of Science programs now require English (ENG4U – minimum 70%).
  • If you would like to be considered for a co-op program, you must check the co-op box on your application.