Residences & Meal Plans

Residence Price(s)

(meals included)

Room Types

The majority of Renison's rooms are traditional-style double rooms. These rooms are all recently upgraded. First-year students may apply for "Link" rooms and single rooms, but decision are made by lottery.


  • Conveniently located on the University of Waterloo campus and only a short 5 minute walk from most classroom buildings
  • Fully renovated rooms with extra storage, new furnishings, and new lighting
  • Pre-paid meal plan, meaning you never run out of money and second helpings are available
  • Laundry facilities; seven lounges; quiet study areas; on-site library
  • Fully accessible rooms; newly renovated rooms; some rooms with semi-private bathrooms; some air-conditioned rooms
  • Home to the Social Development Studies Living-Learning Community
  • Home to the Warrior Academic Leadership Community
  • Do you and a friend both want to live at Renison? Just make sure to list each other as requested roommates in the survey we send you once you've been accepted to live at Renison. We'll do out best to make sure you live together!
  • Formal dinner and dance to start the year and end the year
  • Wireless internet everywhere
  • Monthly College Dinners that bring together students, staff, and faculty for a themed meal

Residence Guarantee

You will be guaranteed a space in residence if you meet the conditions.

To confirm this space, you must also complete the online “Residence Community Ranking Form” and submit a $500 non-refundable deposit by 11:59 pm on June 1, 2018. Please rank Renison as your #1 choice to increase your chances of being accepted into residence at Renison.

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Deposit Required


Meal Plans

In-house dining: 5 "swipes" of the meal plan card allotted per day; bagged lunches and dinners available to accommodate classes over meal times; some special diets accommodated.

Other Information

At the University of Waterloo, first-year students can live in one of the Waterloo residences or in one of the University College residences. For complete residence information, please check the information for all 5 residences: