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New Programs

New Programs

Business, Science & Entrepreneurship Minor

The Minor in Business, Science and Entrepreneurship was created to provide UTM science students with the opportunity to learn business principles in an offering that recognizes business concepts with examples drawn from the sciences. It will provide students pursuing an Honours Bachelor of Science degree at UTM with fundamental business knowledge that will complement their science education and support their future success.

Students will have 2 skill sets to utilize in the workplace as having a strong knowledge of a specific science discipline coupled with the fundamentals of business will allow students the opportunity to evaluate and make decisions while taking into account both the science as well as the business imperatives that typically drive these organizational decisions.

Combined Environmental Management/MSc Sustainability Management

The undergraduate and graduate programs are combined to enhance the undergraduate learning experience by offering students the opportunity to take graduate level courses while completing their undergraduate degree. There is a strong intellectual synergy between the Institute for Management & Innovation’s (IMI) Master of Science in Sustainability Management (MScSM) program and the Department of Geography. As a result, the undergraduate programs offered by Geography, including the Hons. BA Specialist & Major in Environmental Management, and the Hons. BSc Specialist & Major in Environmental Science support a natural progression into the Master of Science in Sustainability Management (MScSM) program offered by IMI. 

The combination is ideal for students looking to work in the sustainability sector.

Program Changes

New Names

Ethics, Law & Society - Former program title: Ethics and Society

Suspended Programs

Geocomputational Sciences

Admissions Updates

Program Prerequisites

  • All programs under Management now require MHF4U
  • Many programs under Chemical and Physical Sciences that required SPH4U now recommend it
  • All Forensic Science programs that required SPH4U now recommend it

Program Grade Requirements

  • Computer Science, Mathematics & Statistic' approximate grade requirement have been increased from mid 70s to low to mid 80s