Program News

New Programs

New for 2017:

Labour Studies & Career Development (BA)

Interested in human resources management, career counselling, labour relations or one of the many other exciting careers in the expanding field of work and labour studies? In our Labour Studies & Career Development program, you will gain an understanding of the rapidly changing world of work through courses on innovative work arrangements, conflict resolution, global labour issues, labour history, collective bargaining, employment law, work-life balance, disabilities studies, occupational health and safety, workplace diversity and much more. Our students are encouraged to consider how the arrangements and contexts of work and practices within workplaces can further leverage social inclusion, diversity and the development of the whole person.

Degree and certificate in 4 years!

You can choose to take this program in combination with 1 of 2 graduate certificates from Conestoga College: Human Resources Management or Career Development Practitioner. Students pursuing 1 of these pathways will take courses delivered by Conestoga College at Laurier in their third year of studies. In just 4 years, you will earn both a Laurier Honours Bachelor of Arts degree and a graduate certificate from Conestoga College.

User Experience Design (BDes)

User experience (UX) designers are trained professionals who understand how to ensure that the entire experience a person has with a product, service, environment or message is a positive one. User experience designers employ a wide range of methods for gathering information about users and their tasks; analyzing user needs; creating design solutions; iterating designs through testing and evaluation; and measuring efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction. User experience professionals are in high demand, and have been ranked #14 on CNN Money’s list of the 100 Best Jobs. This is likely due to the fact that UX professionals are valuable in a wide range of industries, including retail, medicine, technology, finance, education and government.

Laurier’s User Experience Design program prepares you for a career in a variety of design professions, including: user experience design, interaction design, information architecture, web development, social media design, entrepreneurship, educational technologies, and digital media and design. You will understand how design in digital and physical environments can influence people's lives, and how they, in turn, can both empower themselves and improve the lives of others.

New for 2016:

LLB (University of Sussex, UK) & BA (Laurier)

Laurier has signed an agreement to affiliate with 1 of the world’s top 100 educational institutions to offer students an opportunity to earn a Laurier Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree (in either Criminology, Law & Society, or Human Rights & Human Diversity) and a law degree (LLB) from the University of Sussex, United Kingdom (UK), in 6 years. Learn more about the LLB/BA.

Program Changes

Psychology (BA) Forensic Psychology Specialization

Laurier’s offers a direct-entry specialization in Forensic Psychology, which provides a broad overview of psychology with an added focus on the role of psychology in the criminal justice system. The Forensic Psychology Specialization is open to all Comprehensive Psychology students at our Brantford campus to enhance their degree and add to their credentials!

As a psychology student, you’ll study all aspects of human behaviour and mental processes – from an individual’s personality to group dynamics, from an infant’s cry to a senior’s struggle with dementia. Our Psychology program will teach you about these behaviours and processes and how groups, individuals, external environments and societies can affect them. With the new Forensic Specialization, you’ll also delve into the role of psychology in the criminal justice system.

Social & Environmental Justice (BA)

Our Society, Culture & Environment program has undergone a program name change. The program is now called Social & Environmental Justice. This program will provide you with the knowledge, skills and inspiration to become a socially conscious citizen and change the world in which we live. Professors and students work together to inspire one another and develop innovative solutions to complex problems, like global poverty and climate change, while also exploring topics such as sustainable communities, the role of a citizen in a democratic society, and policies aimed to reduce income inequality within countries.